I’m M.J. Orz and I Write Horror


Hello! My name is M.J. Orz and I am a horror writer from Baltimore, MD. Growing up, I spent many nights wrapped up with the latest Goosebumps book or shared Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark with my brother, which led me to begin an interest in horror writing.

Starting with stories on the subreddit “NoSleep”, I began sharing my creepy tales online. Since then, I have been featured on the NoSleep Podcast, The Phantom Librarian, have had my stories translated into multiple languages, and will soon be featured on the wonderful Night Fears Podcast.

I am currently wrapping up my first horror novel, full of short stories, tied together in one over-arcing tale, called (at the moment) “Don’t Kill The Pretty One” – based on a short story I wrote in 2015. It will be available on this site as soon as it is published.

Stay tuned for more information about me, my writing, and media across the internet.

Thanks and enjoy!