Breaking The Stereotype: An Interview With Author, Brianna Abello

As most people who are familiar with my writing and website know, I started my journey with horror fiction on the NoSleep forum over at While I was there, I ended up striking up some conversation with a wonderful individual called “/u/Mixiacoo”, and over time our EDsconversations about the world of horror, writing, publishing, etc. became fairly regular. Little did I know that /u/Mixiacoo happened to be the amazingly talented Brianna Abello!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Brianna, she is the founder of, a reviewer of all things creepy, and a powerful contributor towards the movement of women in the horror genre (even so much that she was previously mentioned in my article about misconceptions in horror!).
And now, here she is!
  • 1) So tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hello! I’m Brianna. I write short scary stories online and share them on my horror story blog Eerie Dolls. I am currently working on season two of Tales From the Basement which is my collection of free stories on on the site.
  • 2) What was it like building Eerie Dolls? How did that come about?
I created the site last fall, up until that point I was writing and sharing my stories in different places. Eerie Dolls was suppose to be a simple online writing portfolio, where I could showcase all my work in one place. I didn’t originally plan for it to become a blog Tales from the basementhowever I began adding new features and behind the scenes posts each time. Eerie Dolls hosts season one and two of Tales From the Basement along with other horror related items.
The stories in Tales From the Basement have different themes and narrations, they are often published weekly or biweekly. I also include a section on the website called The Basement which is where I add story add-ons such as maps, pictures, notes and more.
I wanted to have a space online that I could dedicate to both my love of horror and my writing.
  • What inspired you to start writing? Why horror?
I have always been a horror fan, it is a genre that I have enjoyed watching and reading since I was young. It wasn’t until I entered middle school that I began to notice my interest in horror seemed a bit strange to others. A few friends and family members quickly began expressing their dislike of anything horror related as soon as I would bring the topic up.
I began writing scary stories around the same time I started watching horror movies. Since I was not allowed to watch many horror movies or any scary TV series I decided to find the next big thing to satisfy my love of horror. I asked my mother to buy me a couple of journals which I quickly filled up with stories. I would sit and write down any possible scary scenario that I could possibly imagine on those pages. I felt the need to write these stories and thoughts down and I did so in secret for many years. To this day I still have a very active imagination, I’ve always had terrifying nightmares which have been both a blessing and a curse. Some of my scariest pieces have been inspired by the nightmares I’ve had.
  • So there’s been quite a few women in horror recently, but not too many. What’s it like being a woman horror writer? Have there been any challenges?
Yea, this year I have had the privileged to connect with a few other women horror fans through Facebook groups. It is very exciting especially because growing up I did not know any women who loved horror as much as I did. I did not know of any women horror writers until a couple of years ago. Growing up when I did mention to someone that I liked scary stories I would always get an awkward stare and the usual sly comment about how I should be into romance and stuff, not horror.
I think it has changed a bit over the years, there are many women involved in the horror genre who are making it big. These past couple of years have been an exciting time, I have been able to read some amazing material from different women horror writers. I would say the biggest challenge right now is to break through the stereotypes and fear.
  • What’s your favorite novel? Story? Movie?
Growing up my favorite book was East by Edith Pattou, I still keep a copy at home and read it whenever I want to zone out. I am also a huge Harry Potter Fan. I love books that can transport you to a different world, that goes for horror too. My all time favorite movie is Gremlins, I had the privilege of meeting Zach Galligan this year at Walker Stalker Con which was a dream come true. The Descent is also one of my favorite movies to watch, it is a great movie it has everything I look for in a horror flick.
  • So you’re a guest at WishCon this year! What do you have planned for all the lucky folk attending?
Ce6mw17UIAAQCEAI’m very excited to attend WishCon this year, like I said earlier I didn’t know many women who loved horror so this is going to be a great event. Right now I am working on a few things at once, I’m hoping they will be ready by the that time. I am looking forward to attending it really is going to be a great event!
  • What’s next for Brianna Abello?
I have a couple of projects under my belt right now, I’m editing a few pieces I’d like to submit to writing contests. I am also editing season one of Tales From the Basement, I’d love to have a revised copy to give to readers if they prefer a different format. Season two of TFTB is up on Eerie Dolls right now, I will hopefully be releasing a new story collection called Tales From the Attic which will host longer stories with one similar theme for a small price.
I’d love to continue writing on Eerie Dolls, add more pieces and story add-ons to The Basement. I am working on a few other manuscripts and am hoping to narrate some more of my stories on YouTube (if I find the time)!
  • Where can we find you and more of your work?
Readers can connect with me through email:, Twitter: @briaabello,  or on the ED Facebook
Thank you for your time! I enjoyed answering these questions!

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