Take A Ride: An Interview With the Creators of The Lift Podcast

If you’ve visited any of the other posts on this page, you know that a huge portion of my horror thrills come from the podcast world. So much, actually, that I recently wrote a post about a few of my favorite ones – Victoria’s Lift being one of them. With this, and the wonderful aid of the Twitter-scape, I was lucky enough to have been able to ask the folks over at The Lift a few questions for this blog.

So without any more babbling from me, here is Daniel Foytik and Cindy Lowman from “The Lift“!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.19.46 AM

So, for starters, tell us about The Lift! What it is?

DF (Daniel Foytik): The Lift is an audio drama featuring a mysterious girl named Victoria. It’s kind of an homage to old radio dramas of the past, but updated for the current day. We try to preserve those elements that made radio dramas so compelling, but also take advantage of the advances in technology and storytelling to deliver something very high quality that pulls the listener into the world. The goal from the theme song forward is to make it as immersive as possible.

CL (Cindy Lowman): Victoria hosts, guides, and lifts the visitors to experience a scenario where she hopes they will be enlightened. It’s all about choices, with swifter consequences than may be found in regular life. Like many episodic adventures, there are also stories where listeners get to learn about the world itself and Victoria.

How did you all decide to start The Lift?

DF: Victoria started as a voice from the darkness when I wanted a mascot for my original podcast, 9th Story.  She was featured in the intros and outros and had an occasional “walk-on” role, but I always felt there was more to her and wanted to delve deeper into the mythos of the building, what she did all day, and what happened on the other floors of the building.
CL: Victoria kept haunting Dan, and eventually me too. We talked about her a lot and explored the building ourselves a bit in these conversations. There were lots of “wouldn’t it be great if” moments until one day, Dan, Chuck (another writer friend who has written for the show), and I were at a writing workshop when Dan asked what we thought of writing stories in a Twilight Zone type format with Victoria hosting visitors to the building. Of course, we thought it was a fantastic idea! In the end though, I think Victoria wanted the show, and we finally listened.

Who (or what) exactly is this horrifying little Victoria?

DF: Well, she might say she’s only horrifying if you deserve it. [Laughs] There are times when she can be very sweet and endearing too — it all depends on what you bring with youP2MainImage1-1024x1024 to the building and how firm of a guide you need. In the broadest sense, she is The Guide in the building. She uses her music box and The Lift to take the people called to the building where they need to go. She was once a little girl who lived in the building, but she’s been called to a higher purpose and is much more than she seems. To be frank, I’m not even 100% what she is. I just know she’s very powerful, very mysterious, and adorable. She’s got a very solid personality and a sense of humor that I love.
CL: I’ve come to know and love Victoria so much and lived with her long enough that it surprises me when she’s described as horrifying or creepy. But then I remember she does still spook me sometimes. Everyone will get to know her more as The Lift continues, and as we keep learning about her too. Like everything about The Lift, things are more than they seem.

The stories are written by quite a few different authors? Was this always the intent?

DF: Yes, that was the initial idea and I’m glad to see how well it’s worked out. The idea was always to create a vehicle that would create a rich, diverse world for Victoria to live in and create a way for listeners to discover the work of new authors, artists, and composers. There’s a core universe that Cindy and I created with certain rules and structure, but all of the contributors have a lot of freedom to explore concepts and ideas in our little Dante-esque Realm. We have plans to publish the stories and some bonus material as an anthology as well.
CL: It’s impressive things worked as well as they have with so many authors, but that says much for the caliber of those writers. Collaboration and sharing has always been valuable to Dan and myself. We firmly believe it makes things better. Plus there would be a lot fewer episodes if all the writing were up to us!

How could somebody become the writer of an episode?

DF: So far it’s been by invitation only. We’ve got most of Season two laid out, but I think Cindy and I would be open to submissions at some point. I’m guessing we’d want to read some of their other work first to see if it’s a good fit for our vision.
CL: We’ve talked about opening submissions, but thus far, it’s been busy enough without doing so. We do intend to broaden the field at some point.

So many podcasters are starting to be able to make telling awesome stories a full-time gig! Is Victoria lucky enough to have you all full time?

DF: That’s the ultimate goal – to someday devote myself to making podcasts, writing Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.47.20 AMstories, and introducing Victoria to those who haven’t met her yet. I produce a few other podcasts as well, including The Wicked Library (a horror anthology podcast created by Nelson W. Pyles), but she definitely has a lot of my attention. The show has seen growth I wasn’t expecting, and I’m sure it will get to the point where it can support itself, but we’re not there yet.  We’re exploring ways to do that with crowdfunding so we can publish the stories, do some merchandising, and a few other things.
CL: Despite what Dan may say, I think he likely works full time hours on the podcast, which is why the production value is so high. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten to the point where he can leave the day job. I don’t have a traditional day job myself, but I’m also not working on The Lift full time.

It seems you all have had a pretty successful first season! Can you tell us anything about the upcoming episodes of The Lift?

DF: As of this writing, we have five more episodes to go for season one. I’m really looking forward to the finale which Cindy wrote. I wrote “Broken” which takes place right after Victoria’s transformation, and Cindy’s story “Plummet” is set prior to the events in “Broken”.  That piece will feature Amber Collins (who voices Victoria in Season One), as the lead narrator.
CL: What a ride writing Plummet has been! I hope all the work and tears (seriously!) put into it pays off.

What is the best way to get in touch with you all at The Lift?

DF: We’re pretty active on Twitter and Facebook – in fact Victoria has her own page on Facebook. but you can also email us at feedback@9thstory.com and find links to us and show related things at victoriaslift.com

So we all adore the podcast – how can we go about telling you and the rest of the podcast world how much we dig it? Where can we review or rate (with those obvious 5-stars!)?

DF: iTunes still drives the majority of notice in the podcast world so going to itunes.victoriaslift.com and subscribing, rating, and reviewing the show is a huge help to us. We’re also in Tune-In, Stitcher, Google Play, and so on. Beyond that, if you’d like to help convert friends, family and complete strangers to listeners, Victoria is always happy to have more Lift Riders.
CL: Share, share, share! You never know what friends and family wouldn’t hear of the show without you spreading the word.

Anything we should link to? Anything you want all of us to know about you that wasn’t covered yet?

DF: Please support the artists, writers and composers. Buy the awesome other things they create so they know you love them and will want to come back and make more episodes of The Lift for you. We don’t advertise on the show, so there’s not a revenue stream without your kindness and support of the work of creators and the show itself.
If you link to victoriaslift.com, there are links for all the writers, artists, and composers there. Listeners can poke around and explore. We always have detailed show notes for each episode on the site as well.
CL: I’d like to add that writers, artists, and composers love to hear from people who like the show. Don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know!






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