Quite A Milestone! Thank You All!

I started this site shortly after finishing my first horror novel, attempting to create a platform or something of the sort that would be a link to the Amazon page for my book. I quickly realized that it was silly of my to expect that to do me any good, so I let the page sit for a months while I pushed it elsewhere, ignoring this page and the potential it had.

A few months later, I saw an opening to write for a major online book publisher, wrote some pieces for their horror segment, but didn’t make the cut (which is ok – I know that was some steep competition and I have A LOT to learn). After sharing the article with a few friends, I decided to post them as my own blog and almost overnight I was seeing regular views (granted, minimal compared to other sites, but regular nonetheless) and visitors!

And today, I hit a milestone on the page that truly made me feel accomplished!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.51.10 PM

Caught that wonderful screenshot! 1500 people from 41 different countries!

For this, I just wanted to write out a quick THANK YOU to all of the folks who visit my page, who read my articles, who leave comments or share on twitter, Facebook, etc.! I want to send out a YOU ROCK to all of the numerous Youtube channels and Podcasts that have been so supportive of my articles and my writing – you guys really keep me going.

AND NOW, because I have hit this hopeful first of many milestones, I have decided to make a change in the website to take it to the next level. Not, going to give away details at the moment, but know that changes are coming and they are exciting!

THANK YOU ALL and know that I truly, truly appreciate it!


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