Where’s All The Articles, Man?

Hey all! M.J. Orz here, and I wanted to take a minute to fill my readers in on what the heck is going on with the lack of articles recently!

imgresSome of you who follow my Twitter account or have spoken to me in person know that I am currently going through a huge transition in my life! No, I’m not changing careers or switching genres or anything like that, don’t worry. But I am, in fact, very happy to say that (any day now!) I will become a father for the very first time!

Any of you moms and dads that read the site know how hectic that can be and how much preparation goes into this exciting moment in life, which is the reason I haven’t been posting much lately. I have been trying my best to make sure that I have everything in order at home, at work (my good ol’ day job, who have been wonderful during this process!), and everywhere else so that I can focus on welcoming this new little human into the world.

With this being said, don’t worry! The articles will be back soon! This is not a long-term


My beautiful wife and I getting ready for a new, horrifying (in a fun way though) adventure!

hiatus or me bowing out. In fact, when I return, there is some big news with the site and lots of changes for all of you wonderful readers to look forward to! In the mean time, if you’re still itching for some new horror, check out my book by clicking on the image in the sidebar or RIGHT HERE, or even some of the other media available from M.J. Orz across the internet.

In the mean time, I’ll keep the world posted of how things come along via Twitter and I look forward to showing everyone what is in store for this blog in the very near future!

Thank you for understanding and I can’t wait to get back to bringing you all some frightful insights on horror literature and more!

Yours truly,

M.J. Orz


One thought on “Where’s All The Articles, Man?

  1. I really need to read things more carefully! I read that as ‘I’m not switching genders or anything like that’ which I did think was a bit odd. Congrats on the upcoming new dad event. Hope your wife has the easiest time ever 🙂

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