Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 5.06.09 AMSo I told a lot of folks that there would be new things coming up with the website and I guess it is finally time for me to tell everyone exactly what is going on! So here it is!

The site is moving over to HorrorFictionBlog.com!

All of the content from this page has been migrated over, but now, at HorrorFictionBlog.com, you are able to join in on the action and submit your own articles or stories to go up on the page as well!

This decision came in lieu of, honestly, how well things were going with the site! Once I was able to hit 1,500 visitors and noticed that there were actual people actually reading what I posted, I figured it was time to do it right.

Either way, I encourage everyone to swing over to HorrorFictionBlog.com, enjoy, and submit as much as you like! I will add mew material as much as possible and be sure to get everyone else material up in a timely fashion as it come in!

Thank you again, and I’ll see you all over at HFB!

M.J. Orz


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